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Music Therapy and Wellness: An Interview with Ellen Whealton, MA, MT-BC

Each music therapist has their own story to tell of how they entered the profession. And, each music therapist brings a unique combination of skills, talents, strengths, interests, and inspiration to their practice. In this interview, Ellen Whealton shares her remarkable journey into music therapy and how she incorporates wellness, meditation, imagery, and essential oils into her practice.

Songs for Relaxation

Take deep breath in. Exhale. The relationship between music and relaxation is one that remains important over our entire lifespan. The ability for music to create calm and provide something soothing to listen to and feel is an experience most of us are familiar with, and a valuable premise in music therapy. . .

Webinar: Treat Yourself With Kindness

On Monday April 20th at 4pm, I’ll be the guest on’s Mindstorm Mondays webinar- and I’ll be talking about self-care for music therapists. Through my career I’ve learned that to truly provide my clients with quality care, I have to take care of myself. Your most valuable instrument is you. . .

Songs For Gratitude

Despite how powerful and simple gratitude can be, it can also be easy to forget, especially in times when we need it most. When interwoven, music and gratitude can bring the beauty of life front and center, reminding us that in in any moment there is something to be grateful for…

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